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Started by two sisters keen on fostering global wellbeing through Nepalese flavors and wisdom.
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Growing Together
Sattva is committed to empowering the women and farmer communities in Nepal to create an equitable society.
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Product Categories


High quality, graded and hand-picked spices curated straight from the land of Himalayas.

Spice Blends

Carefully handcrafted and unique spice blends. Prepared with love, care and, and lots of experience to ensure good health and great taste.


Delicious pickles prepared by leveraging centuries old traditional knowledge and high quality ingredients.

High Quality | 100% Nepali Products

All our products are directly sourced from the beautiful hills of Nepal. They promise to be rich in natural flavors and aroma.

Ethically Sourced | Empowering Partners

While sourcing our products, we take extra care to make sure the farmer and women communities get the right value for their hard work.

Authentic Flavors | Health and Taste together

All our spice blends and pickles bring together the bounty of nature in the perfect blends to ensure good health and delicious taste.

Flavors of Terai
Experience the rich and authentic culture of terai in our "Flavours of Terai" series. Rich with healthy spices, these spice blends and pickles have been prepared by our expert didis who hold the key to the traditional recipes of their communities. These products will surely delight your senses. Handcrafted with Love, just for you!
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